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‘Telling Your Story’

Family Legacy Video
For People Interested In Their Ancestry

A Family Legacy Video is a great way to leave, for future generations of your family, a better understanding of people and events that shaped your life.

Nowadays memories and insights to a person’s life are found scattered across photos, films, video tapes or storage devices and often, with the passing of time, the significance and understanding of these moments become lost forever.

What if somebody told their story?

old photos

Family Legacy Video works with you in ‘telling your story’ and as you recall significant moments describing childhood, work, travel, challenges and celebrations, you keep your past alive and leave for future generations an engaging story of how your life was shaped.

A Family Legacy Video is a considered purchase and a ‘co production’ between producer Mark Waters and his client requiring a commitment from the family, in both time and effort, to gather and select the image content, music, and historical information required.

It is at this point the enjoyment of telling your story begins.

The process involves:

Pre production

Meeting and advising client on the selection of quality and quantity of media.

This is the beginning of a story's structure and when choosing from a large and dispersed collection a methodical approach is essential, wherever possible details of names, time, and place should be noted. Any information is of great help and we recommend a family member is nominated to fulfil this task.

old photos and DVD

To ensure quality Mark advises on any required media preparation for old photographs, VHS, DVD’s, 8mm film or digital files and in this phase of production Mark begins to understand the structure of ‘who's who’ in the family story. This process also creates an informal and relaxed atmosphere which later helps with interviews to camera.


old photos and certificates

Coherent story form starts with a scripted outline and that is created by a list of questions:
What are your earliest memories, how do you remember your parents? How did they meet? What were your beliefs, challenges, and ambitions? What thoughts might you have for future generations?

View a PDF of sample interview topics

Production - recording

"I wish that I could see again their smiles and hear their laughter"

bench and old photos

An individual’s personality is captured on camera however not everyone is at ease in ‘front of camera’ and making someone relaxed and responsive during an interview is important to a story’s success. Over many years of recording interviews Mark has become skilled in making a person feel at ease and when at ease people are more themselves.

Post production

This is where your story is finally created:

Preparing to edit a story starts with ingesting, logging and identifying all the material that can be used, this is a very necessary step otherwise confusion occurs and mistakes are made.

The interview will need to be edited:

When a person is interviewed they 'um and err' or 'I've just remembered something else' or 'I'd like to say that again' and to create a smooth flowing cohesive narrative the interview requires editing.

Comments made in the interview, but not used in the story, become menu chapters in the final DVD.

  • Scanned photos and old video/film are clipped and color graded
  • Sourcing of historical material to help illustrate and inform the story
  • Sound effects added
  • Music is used to highlight mood and pacing
  • Family Legacy Video is licensed through AMCOS for 'domestic use' of music within a video story; we also access a range of 'library' licensed tracks
  • Titles and Colour grade
  • DVD with menu chapters, photo cover and text

Everybody’s story is different and depending upon how much you want to include in your story the price varies.

Interested in ‘telling your story’?
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